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In Their Words


"It all started with a Tik Tok post I saw, I was interested in the Ono Kine Treats products so I went to their IG page & from there I fell in love! I ordered and recieved my treats in less than a week, my mom, grandparents & sister have all tried them and fell in LOVE!!"

Waco, Texas


"Omg you bastards! I’m not even a sweet tooth but that one outside the box imma need some of those!"

Honolulu, Hawaii

IMG_4783 2.jpg

"She was amazing! Customer service was awesome. I got the Strawberry Belts. They are so good! Go get you some! Gosh, you won't regret it!"


Gonzales, Louisiana


“Oh my goodnesssssss! So amazing!
We just got our package.....and im in heaven! Who knew Tik Tok would lead me to this amazing woman and her snacks!!! Lol. Thank you so much!!!!”

Albuquerque, New Mexico


“They are absolutely amazing! I’m killing the pineapple belts. Me and baby approve lol 😋 I will definitely be putting in future orders!”


Las Vegas, Nevada 


 “So happy that I found you guys!! So yummy and delicious.. brings me back to my childhood with every bite.. the gushers and sour watermelons were out of this world good!!!!”


Auburn, California 


“It’s FIREEEEEEE 🔥🔥🔥🔥 The strawberry belts are something else. Me and my girl love em. ”

Woodland Hills, California 


“I saw them being advertised on TikTok and realized I HAD TO HAVE SOME. Absolutely amazing! Shipped to Bay Area California in excellent condition and the treats are so good! I devoured my first 2 containers and I can’t wait to order more!”


Alameda, California


I just got my order and they are soooo good I had some the haole family try some and they couldn’t get enough I had to stop em cause was for me hahaha. You gonna be expecting a lot more business from us that’s for sure!


Melrose, Massachusetts


Let me say that within 10 minutes of getting my hands on these treats, my gummy bears were completely demolished and I was using a spoon to get the liquid out of the packet! I ordered the gummy bears, the pineapple sour belts, and the Gushers with the Li Hing Mui, lemon peel, and wet. They were all so delicious and addictive. I found it so hard to tell myself 'stop!' I cannot wait to order more! I even called my mom to tell her how amazing they were as I finished my gummy bears! I will be recommending this to all of my friends!


Lusby, Maryland


 These are so delicious and some of the candy is vegan friendly so I decided to treat myself and get a bunch. So yummy!

Auburn, Washington 

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All Videos


We connected with alohaitschelei on TikTok & we owe a huge Mahalo to her for supporting our small local family owned business!

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