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Freeze Dried Chews

Freeze Dried Chews

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Try our new freeze dried Hi-Chews and snack like an astronaut! This light, crispy, crunchy version of the Hi-Chew is a unique twist that will give you a burst of fruity flavors and melt in your mouth. Order them Plain or tossed in Lihing Mui. Flavors Include: Strawberry, Mango, Watermelon, Açaí.


"This product contains HI-CHEW® branded products that Ono Kine Treats LLC purchased in the marketplace, freeze-dried, and repackaged. The HI-CHEW® trademark is the sole property of Morinaga & Co., Ltd. This product is not affiliated with, nor has it been approved by, Morinaga & Co., Ltd."

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    Please note that the weight of the item listed is for shipping purposes and is not how much candy is in the package.

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